We are driven by the will to understand. What is it that makes people think a certain way, and sometimes, act in another? Whatever we do, we start with the word why. Simple as it may seem, these three letters are our most powerful tool. When used in the correct way, it gives us an understanding of human needs and behavior, and knowledge of how to shape an offer that’s relevant for those we want to attract.

Market Navigator's business rests on three legs; brand, communication and retail. This means we're involved all the way from the promises the brand make to the actual moment of purchase. We know what it takes to create sales and profit, short and long term.


An economic term aimed at the supply and demand of a commodity or service. Today, the concept is often abstract and is almost to be regarded as a sum of transactions.


Of the Latin navis, "ship" - the art of navigating. That is, being able to determine position, course and speed, and plan the route.

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